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"OUTSTANDING CARE! Dr. Shannon is one of the most caring and detailed Chiropractors I have been to. I have felt a positive change in my body as a result of going to her these last few months. I would highly recommend her!"

- Michaela L.

"Dr. Shannon has been a blessing for my body! I began chriropractic services with her a few months ago and I'm so much more aware of my body and moving correctly because of her! I also took my 5 year old daughter to her after trying to many different remedies to cure her ear infection. Dr. Shannon made my child feel safe and comfortable during her first adjustment and cleared out all of the pain she was having in her ear! If you're looking for a compassionate, honest, and truly gifted chiropractor...look no further!"

- Diana G.

"I am so grateful to Dr. Shannon Turek for relieving my neck pain. Upon arrival to Fort Lauderdale my neck pain was so bad that I could barely turn my neck to the left, and the pain was spreading down my back. I had never seen a chiropractor before but my wife convinced me that it would help. After a thorough exam and explanation of my issue, Dr. Turek treated me with electrostimulation, massage, spinal adjustment, and rock tape. It was unbelievable how much I improved after her treatment. The following day, I went back for my follow up and she, again, did a thorough examination (demonstrating the improved range of motion of my neck), and also did another full treatment. It was so great to not rely on medication to find relief. I really felt comfortable and confident in Dr. Turek. She suggested I keep up with chiropractic care in the future, so she went out of her way to research other chiropractors back home in Chicago that have similar treatment methods. Thank you for allowing me to truly enjoy my Florida vacation Dr. Turek!"

- Aldo S.

"If you are looking for a chiropractor Dr. Shannon Turek is one of the best I have been to! I moved to Florida a few years ago and was very weary of going to someone I didn't know, but was in desperate need! I couldn't walk for 3 days because my back was one big spasm. I went for massages, they helped enough so I could walk around the house, but anymore than that and I was back down. So I started looking and after reading a review I called Dr. Turek's office. She was kind, made me feel very comfortable, is very knowledgeable and excellent at her job! I felt like a new person after my first adjustment. I have been going to chiropractors since I was in my teens and am now a grandma, and I believe Dr. Turek is the best I have been to! You will not be disappointed! (I am back on my horse thanks to her)"

- Sandy E.

"I started being adjusted by Dr. Shannon when she was located in Royal Palm Beach and even though she is now in Boynton Beach, her care and skill are worth the extra 30 minute drive. If you want to be cracked around and sent on your way, go wherever pops up first on your search. If you want a professional environment with an overabundance of personal care, go to Dr. Shannon. She's the reason I am back to playing basketball and living a pain-free life."

- Jake W.

"Dr. Turek is both skilled and compassionate, the ideal combination for any doctor. Last year, I was referred to her practice by a friend, who had gotten good results when the doctor was located in Royal Palm Beach. When my back issues became critical again, I visited her new office in Boynton Beach, which is very conveniently located with plenty of parking. I went to see her with excruciating back pain and to my surprise, I got relief from the very first visit! I highly recommend Dr. Turek for treatment addressing sciatica pain and spinal issues!"

- Elona H.

""Dr. Turek is such a delight! Her kind words were very uplifting and encouraging. She is definitely an asset to Boynton Beach community! I highly recommend her!""

- Rebekah B.

"Lorri and I have both seen Dr. Turek for our adjustments. We have had great success thanks to the care we received. We would highly recommend her practice."

- Craig P.

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